Monday, April 19, 2010

That Time of Year!

Being cheap paid off last week.

Hey everyone. Rob here.
Last Thursday, I drove to a gas station off the Norwood Lateral which has cheap gas. I tried taking a shortcut as I drove home and got lost. I'm just whipping through the back roads of Norwood looking for something familiar. Then, I see something of an Oasis, Norwood's Delite Creamy Whip stand. I said to myself, "Is it already that time of year?" The time of year when stands like this one open all over the tri-state. The time of year when a bus load of kids descend on places like that after a game. Usually, I hit Putz's Creamy Dairy Whip off of I-74. I haven't tried the one in Norwood so I decided to change that. When it comes to ice cream, I'm a purist. I like vanilla. I don't like sprinkles, sauces, or nut. So I order a small vanilla whip which gets a thumbs up from me. Also, the prices are right and you can sit outside and enjoy the weather.

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