Monday, April 26, 2010

A Weekend Of Food, Friends, And My Mom

Frank Marzullo Here...
What a weekend in the Queen City, where do I start? I know as any city when you live in a certain place you forget how much there is to do and see, and our city has plenty to do and impress out of town guests. On Friday two of my really good friends from Cleveland came down to visit there old weatherman friend Frank, and I had a chance to show them how great of a city Cincinnati can be. One of my friends Jason, he and I have been great friends since college, in fact he to is a meteorologist at the ABC station in Cleveland, so we both had to deal with this weekends on and off rain showers but it did not damper our weekend plans.
On Friday we met friends downtown for a great meal at Nada next to the Aronoff Center. Sometimes after a year or two of being open great restaurants loose there appeal and quality, not Nada one of my favorites, I love the grilled chicken tacos and the Mexican mac and cheese. Then I took them up to Rob Williams neighborhood, Mt. Adams, and we took in the atmosphere and history at the Blind Lemon. What can be better than LIVE music and friends?
Saturday morning we walked through Hyde Park square and enjoyed the fresh morning air with some coffee. Then the afternoon found us out at Great American Ball Park, cheering for our Reds, unfortunately our cheers did not get us a win, but it is still always nice to head to the park, especially when the rain holds off, and to get visitors opinion of the city and the ball park, ALL POSITIVE! I did realize though that I own a chain of hotdog stands at the park called, Frank's Franks! Then it was time to get the "Casino Blazer" on and head off to Hollywood Casino and the Grand Opening of the Final Cut Steakhouse, where my friends and I joined my FOX19 colleagues for a great dinner and my first trip to Hollywood. It is a great alternative to the several restaurants already at the Casino, I had the fillet it was really good. The atmosphere made it a really nice evening.
My friends left early Sunday morning and I have to say, why is it when you have friends in town you always eat more than usual, it's like a mini vacation for yourself. Then the topper was Sunday morning brunch downtown. After they left, I met my mother, aunt, cousin, her daughter, and her mother in-law for brunch at Orchids in the Hilton Cincinnati Netherlands Hotel. They were all going to Mary Poppins and wanted to start the day off with a great meal, so I joined them and so glad I did. That by far has been the best brunch I have ever had. I was excited by my food that I was texting Sheila about the meal because I know she celebrated her anniversary at Orchids a few weeks ago. I could sit here list all the items, but it would take forever, it was fresh and delicious. The place was packed and I never saw the food once picked over or low on something, they constantly kept it fresh and delectable. From fresh waffles, to homemade omelets, to crab legs, to rack of lamb, to prime rib, and of course the very large table of fresh desserts and my favorite bread pudding!!!! It was all so good and as I sit here on a Monday morning I have to say I am stuffed and my belt is just a little tighter this morning!
So the next time you think your bored of our fantastic city then call a friend from out of town and host them for a weekend, you will be a big fan!

BY THE WAY: Happy 90th Birthday Virginia Wood, I ran into her Saturday evening celebrating with her family, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Virginia!

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