Thursday, April 29, 2010

감사합니다 "Kamsamnida"

That means thank you in Korean.

Hey everyone. Rob here.
A Brit named George has been stuck in Cincinnati visiting his brother Nick.
His trip is lasting 10 days longer than expected because of the volcanic ash which covered much of Europe.
Well, he goes back to England tomorrow so we decided to send him off with a great meal. Let me tell you the meal was better than expected at Riverside Korean in Covington.

The meal starts with a whole bunch of small dishes. Some are sweet, some savory, all tasty.

The entree I chose was the Dolsot Bibimbap. Rice, beef and vegetables come in a super hot stone bowl.
There is an egg on top which our server mixes into the meal. I got it super spicy.
In fact it was so spicy my head started to sweat. It was perfect.

I don't think there's a bad thing on the menu. The restaurant has been around since 1995 in the 500 block of Madison Avenue. Only bad thing: I'm too old to sit on the floor for too long.

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