Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Best Part Of My Job

Marzullo Here..
I am often asked what do I like best about my job? I usually have two answers, first covering severe storms, nothing better than using our skills in the FOX19 Storm Tracker Weather Center, To Keep You Safe. The second best thing about my job, talking to school kids of all ages about the wild world of weather.

On Tuesday I traveled up I-71 near Wilmington and spoke to the 7th grade at Clinton Massie Middle School. The kids were AWESOME! I spent about 35 mins talking about warm fronts, cold fronts, high pressure, low pressure, and the day in and day out operations of my job. The best part of doing these visits is the interaction with the youth of our area. So many times we do stories about young people in trouble or causing problems but we have more kids who are doing more good and helping others. Several of the 7th graders talked to me about there work with Little Hearts / Big Smiles of Southwestern, Ohio. The group is a support group for families of children with special needs. These children have so much to offer to our society and our some of the brightest kids you will ever meet. There families are a huge support system to them and work very tirelessly.

The group of kids I talked with wanted me to pass on they are in a competition to receive a $5,000 dollar grant for playground equipment. They had to put together a video and you can vote for them, if they win they receive the grant from Voting continues through March 31st, so vote often and help...

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  1. Thank You Frank Marzullo for doing that for me it meant a lot and i cant believe u did it for us and u had the yellow paper on tv! but thanks again and make sure you dont forget to vote :)