Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rob Williams For Congress

Frank Marzullo Here....
First off if your watching this morning, and I hope you are, I want to apologize for my voice. While it is the day after St. Patrick's Day, you may think I had one to many chocolate milks yesterday, but that's not the case I have been fighting these allergies that everyone else has been fighting here in the Tri-State so that's why my voice is gone just to set it straight!!

With that said, at about 5pm yesterday, I hung out with my co-worker and friend Rob yesterday afternoon and some of our good friends, plus many of our neighbors here in the Tri-State. With temperatures in the 60's and sunny skies it brought many people out and about. St. Patrick's Day parties were packed especially those outdoors, click here and check out our story from Fountain Square.
By the way check Rob's Blog Post, he talks about the nice weather and people wearing flip-flops you may notice your own feet as he was taking pictures of peoples feet, kinda of creepy.
Now we are not special people by any means just the guy or woman next door giving you the news or telling you what the weather will be like. So it is always flattering when you come up and say hi or share a story with us. Yesterday we met many a person in green with beads on, and they even spotted Rob in his "disguise" wearing a John Deer green hat. Now, Rob and I have a big brother / little brother relationship so the following is all tongue and cheek but did happen. We are sitting at the "E" in Hyde Park and Rob says " I am wearing my hat nobody will spot me ( insert Rob's loud laughing ) " Then not 30 seconds later, " Excuse me are you that news guy", Rob says yes and then he is off like a candidate running for Congress he is shaking hands and kissing babies, telling jokes and taking pictures. Glad you had the hat on Rob! haha All in fun but we truly mean it when we say thanks for watching and saying hi and please do it more often!

Okay time for some hot tea for this voice!

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