Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Day Frank Here,

The question is not so much can you sing but can you carry a tune? I know there are a lot of shower and car singers here in the Tri-State but if you think you have something more than you may just want to take part in our FOX19 Glee Auditions. You heard me, if your a fan of FOX19's runaway hit Glee, well you could be the next big voice to possible join the cast. Auditions will be held on March 27th, but you can also submit videos online. Click here for all the rules and regulations

I personally enjoy watching the show it reminds me of many moons ago when yours truly for a short time was part of the choir in high school. I have no idea how I got involved, while it was fun I could not carry a tune to save my life. However, I always gave it my best and I did try but to do the moves and sing together, wow I give these kids a lot of credit. The worst part as I look back at my time in Changing Times, ( that was the name of the choir ) was the red vests that we had to wear. However, I did get to skip out on class from time to time, and we got to entertain a lot of senior living homes which always made us feel great to put a smile on other faces. Well I have to go and practice my jazz hands now for the Glee Auditions. Good Luck!

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