Monday, March 15, 2010

When Friendship is Lifelong

I've been lucky in the friend department, and I'm the first to admit it.

Good Monday morning, Sara Celi here.

In my life, I've had the luck of knowing a select group of women almost as long as I've been alive. We have friendships that span decades and over the years have grown to mean more to me than I could ever express. I can count out their names on two hands, and after 28 years on earth, I can confidently say I think I'll know these women forever.

This past weekend, I visited one of them.

Tasia Cowan and I have been friends since I was 3 and she was 2. I know, it doesn't even sound possible, because at that age it's hard to know how to be a friend. We played together through our childhood, made it through adolescence, and shared the pitfalls of high school. We stayed friends even after her parents moved to Michigan, she left for Hanover, and I left for WKU.

Now, Tasia lives in Indianapolis.

I'd promised for months I would come visit her, so this weekend I made good on words. I drove north Saturday through the blinding rain, and got up to the city in the mid afternoon. She seemed so eager for me to have a good time, and I did.

Tasia took me all around her neighborhood, and to her favorite boutiques. Of course, I picked up a few key pieces for my wardrobe, but mostly I just enjoyed talking and reconnecting with her. We have the kind of friendship that picks up right where it left off.

For dinner, we met up with several friends at Zionsville hot spot Noah Grant's. If you're ever in Indy, no visit is complete without at stop at this chop house and sushi bar. The meal tasted delish, and meeting Tasia's Indy friends was such fun. Our night out with them was great! We also had a chance to meet up with Tasia's brother, Cage. I've known him as long as I've known her, so it felt great to see him too!

On Sunday T and I enjoyed brunch before I headed back to Cincinnati. I have to say I'm so proud of her. She's grown up with me, and been a part of my life since I can remember. Now, she's happy, successful, and amazing. I'm lucky she's been a good friend!

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