Monday, March 22, 2010

Spanx for Men

I logged onto my computer Saturday morning and saw this headline on MSN's homepage. "Gut Check: Spanx: Now Available for Men." I thought, What??!!
That sounds wrong to me. Hey guys. Rob here.
I first thought this was not only a bad idea, but a sad idea too. The inventor of the undergarments designed to slim and shape women's bodies has come up with similar products for men. Sara Blakely told the Wall Street Jounal, she has come up with a product that perfect for pressing down beer bellies and bulking up arms and chests. I'm envisioning some type of man-girdle. Forget about what mom said about clean underwear, imagine getting to an accident with this on. However, they look like a regular t-shirt.
They're made out of 19% lycra. They promise to firm chest and flatten stomach. Forget the gym, a bike ride or run, just go out and get one of these. They're not cheap though at about 58 dollars a shirt.
At first I thought Spanx for men was just wrong. Now I think if they work for you go for it. However, exercising will do the same thing. For me running and hitting the gym is more about how I feel rather than how I look.
The creator says response has been so strong, she's already cooking up her next product for men. An underwear that compresses the bottom. Now that is WRONG.
Watch the story of a before and after from Today Show.

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