Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Am Leaving Town...So You Can Rob My House!

The countdown is on, at 4:50pm I will be leaving on a jet plane from CVG for sunny Florida! I'll be visiting my parents and my aunt for about a week in the Naples area, I am just hoping for temperatures to get into the 70's, because last few days have been in the 60's, I know Boo Who....I have had many people on Facebook and Twitter asking me about Mr. Benson is he going with me, and the answer is no, however he will be well taken care of. I am leaving him in the caring home of FOX19 reporter Corey McConnell and her husband. They have a golden named Tucker, so Benson will have a buddy to run around with and hang out!

On a side note, if you want to rob my house, you just read I will be out of town! I say this with a smile but it did get me thinking after watching our story this morning about what information we share on the web through social networking websites. The story which you can watch right here, , aired by our Kimberly Holmes this morning talked about when we post or blog about where we are or where we will be at a certain time, that our homes are wide open for the taking. I think it's very important to make sure you monitor what you post and how much you post on these sites, however maybe I am old school if somebody is going to rob me they are going to rob me, however during the day when I am not home any robber would have to get by my guard dog BEWARE OF MR. BENSON! He will protect my property! He looks vicious?

My views may change a bit when I ever get married and have a family, but right now I am your neighborhood weather guy and I think it's important for us to have that neighbor to neighbor since we are neighbors watch my house while I am gone!

See Ya In A Week...

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