Friday, March 5, 2010

Bockfest Weekend

Bockfest is a celebration of Cincinnati's German brewing heritage and to mark the start of spring. There are events all weekend in Over the Rhine. Bockfest Hall is the place to go to see judging of home brewers and to drink and eat.

Bock beer is a dark lager with higher nutritional value and alcohol content. I went to an event last night that featured a great locally brewed bock beer. Rivertown Brewing Bock is handcrafted in Lockland. Arnolds Bar and Grammers has it on draft this weekend only (it's seasonal).

The local brewery is only one of 2 in the city! Hard to believe, huh? We (I went with Rob Williams and some friends) got to try 6 of their handcrafted beer.

I also liked Hefeweizen. This was originally brewed for kings and queens. It's an old world Bavarian style, top fermented wheat ale. It smelled like bananas with a hint of cloves. The beer experts say it's full bodied and refreshing...i just know I liked it.

It was fun to taste and learn about them. Rivertown Brewing Co. is being sold at Kroger, Biggs and liquor stores. Defiantly try and it support our local brewers!

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