Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Family's Prayer

Sheila here, sharing the story of a Northern Kentucky couple who needs some help as they work to adopt two children from Mexico.

I heard from a friend of Rene and Barbara Rocha this week, as she helps organize a fundraiser for the couple. Linda Gilkeson tells me Rene and Barbara have been helping the Hispanic community of Florence for more than five years. They started a church there and have been counseling and giving many other services to help Hispanics become better American citizens. Although this has been very rewarding to the young couple, the Rochas found they were feeling incomplete as a family. They became licensed foster parents in Northern Kentucky, with the hope of helping children from their local area. Their desires for a family tugged on their hearts with every passing day.

The Rochas have been in mission work for over half of their lives.
Two years ago, while they were on a mission trip in Juarez, Mexico, their hearts were overtaken by a five-year-old girl in a local orphanage. Her name is Lesly. As they spent more time with this loving child, they found out that she also had a brother, from whom she had been separated for more than two years. This news was heartbreaking for the young couple. Can you imagine being orphaned at an early age and having your only sibling torn away from you, being separated, not even knowing what happened to him? It was too much for anyone to go through, let alone two small children. The Rochas had already decided that these two children needed to be together. Although, at this time they did not even know Miguel, they jumped in with all of their resources to reunite these two children. To make this possible Barbara and Rene had to formally adopt both of the children.

Now Miguel and Lesly are in the orphanage. Adoption was the only way these two children were ever going to grow up together. Rene and Barbara have been in the process of this adoption for two years, hoping to bring these two beautiful children back to their home in Crescent Springs.

After this two-year battle, the Rochas are starting to struggle with finances. While they both are working, the costs of the adoption, including the trips back and forth to Mexico to abide by all of the court procedures are starting to take a toll on the couple’s resources. Until the adoption process is completed, the couple has to pay $900.00 a month to the Juarez orphanage for shelter, food and school classes for little Miguel and Lesly to stay together.

On Saturday, March 20th, friends and local churches are hosting a fundraiser to help bring a happy ending to this story. Some of the best local talent is donating their time to help out the Rocha family. There will also be a silent auction at the Christian Life Center, 509 Roney Lane Cincinnati, Ohio, in the Mt. Carmel, Eastgate area.

If you are unable to attend benefit and would like to send a donation, make checks to Community Christian Fellowship and send to:
Robyn Boehl
5951 Price Road Milford, OH 45152
You can call Robyn for more information at (513) 703-2360.

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  1. A great cause for some great people!