Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My barbershop

I got a haircut yesterday. Hey everyone. It's Rob.

I've been going to the same place to get my haircut for about 10 years. It's nothing fancy. Elesha's Hairstyles Unlimited is located on Montgomery Road in Evanston.
The barbershop has been there since 1974, around the corner from the former studios of King Records. That's where James Brown started his recording career.

Ramona has been cutting my hair decade. She even calls me when I let it get too long. She's the best barber I've ever had and the barber shop is close to where I work and live. So it's perfect for me. However, that's not the only reason I get my haircuts at Elesha's.

I really come because of the people. People like Jayo, Ramona and Elesha.
Like churches, a lot of barber shops serve as social centers in many African-American communities. People come, talk and even get into heated arguments about politics, sports and current events. I'm sure its that way in most barber shops. However, here customers don't get their hair cuts and go. They stick around and practice the lively art of conversation.

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