Thursday, March 25, 2010

Karma is Cool

Hi, it's Sheila, and this is a picture of my friend Ron Esposito, and you'll see him perform this morning at 8:45 on the Fox 19 Morning News.

Ron is a local musician, life coach, and enneagram teacher and trainer at the Conscious Living Center. He's also one of my oldest friends here in Cincinnati. I've known him since I was 19 years old and a student at Ohio University. I won't go into the whole history, but Ron owned a book and record store in Athens before he launched into music and public radio full time and moved to Cincinnati.

When I moved to the Queen City, the first public appearance Rob Williams and I ever did was at the old Emery Theatre in Over The Rhine, where we hosted the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. Ron and I had lost touch, so imagine my surprise when I walked into the theatre, and Ron was the first person I saw.

Since then we've reconnected. Ron is one of the coolest people I know because he's not just a good friend, he's a teaching friend. Ron is a student of Karma, and philosophy and spirituality have a major role in his life. He's one of those people who can inspire you to slow down and put aside life's hurries to revel in the small joys which make life rich. Talking with him gives me a better perspective on things.

Recently, Ron won a Telly Award for his first solo CD, Open Heart, on which he plays Tibetan brass and crystal bowls. The music is often used for meditation, and it's truly beautiful. I hope you'll check it out this morning when Ron plays a sample of his music. You can find out more about what he does as a Life Coach at the Concious Living Center website,

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