Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tornado Drill Today

Good Day Frank Marzullo Here...
So later this morning, if your getting out of your car, having coffee with the other moms on the street, sitting in the classroom, or in a meeting, and you hear sirens DO NOT WORRY! The state of Kentucky will be conducting a TORNADO DRILL at 10:07am. This will give local government agencies the chance to make sure there warning systems are all up to par and working properly. It also allows schools to run through safety plans with there students.
I recommend that tonight after dinner take 10 mins and go through your own family severe weather safety plan. The National Weather Service has come up with a great way to remember what to do when a tornado warning is issued, they sum it up in one word, D-U-C-K!

First, go DOWN to the basement or interior room on the lowest level of your home. Second, get UNDER something sturdy such as a table. Third, COVER your head by placing your hands over your head as you tuck into your body. Finally, KEEP yourself and your family in a safe place until the storm passes. As always For more tips on Keeping Your FAMILY SAFE during SEVERE WEATHER go to FOX19.com.

These all sound pretty basic, I know, but much like driving in the winter time, sometimes we forget basic safety tips, and we just need a brush up. We will have more information on Severe Weather Awareness Tips through the month of March!

Have A Great Day!

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