Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Bunnies & Chicks

Hi, it's Sheila.
A lot of people will have ham on the menu this Sunday for Easter, and you may not know that you can buy your ham at a local turkey farm, Tewes Poultry in Erlanger. At Thanksgiving, cars line up to get into the farm for fresh turkeys, and their delicious turkeys are available for Easter too.
The family business was founded in 1911 a hatchery with incubators in the basement of John Henry Tewes, Senior's basement. And an Easter tradition started there in the old days when Mr. Tewes patented a process for coloring the feathers of baby chicks with vegetable dye. The process enhanced the hatchery's profits, and kids in the Northern Kentucky still wake up on Easter morning to find baby chicks and ducks from the Tewes Farm in their Easter baskets.

The chicks sell these days for three dollars apiece, and the ducks sell for five dollars. The Tewes' also sell live bunnies for 20 dollars. The chicks and ducks sell out fast, so you may want to call ahead before making the trip to the farm.

These days the farm is run by Dan and Darlene Tewes, and it's one of the largest producers of poultry in Northern Kentucky. They have a great vegetable garden too, and I thoroughly enjoyed some of their tomatoes last summer after Rob, Frank, Meghan, Bruce, and I shot our Chicken Dance video there for the Oktoberfest contest.

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