Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again.

It was a little early, but I decided to break out the flip-flops yesterday for St. Patrick's Day.
Hey everyone Rob here.

Flip-flops are great. They're easy to get on and off. I wear them all summer long. I wasn't the only one yesterday. I found a few people wearing flip flops at RP Mcmurphy's, the "E" and Molly Malone's. Although, it was a little creepy taking pictures of complete stranger's feet.

This guy to the right had no idea I took a picture of his feet.

Neither did this girl sitting at the bar at "E" yesterday afternoon. If you recognize your feet, I apologize for the invasion of privacy.

I find the best place to buy flip-flops is at American Eagle. They're cheap. Usually under 20 bucks.

The only time I rethink flip-flops is when I have to use the bathroom in a bar or restaurant. Not all of them, just the ones that go best with a tumbler of penicillin.

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