Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vacation Is Over...

Good Morning Frank Here!

Hope everyone is well? While vacations are great, spending time with family and friends, it is nice to get back in the swing of things, especially when you return and the temperature is 68 degrees. What a nice treat the past several days for our hometown after our very very long winter. We do see some cooler air and rain in the forecast, which you can get right here:

We are not the only ones who have had a long winter, I know it's Florida and we say they are lucky, but the first part of my trip temperatures were in the upper 50's and the breeze was awful! I could hardly work on my weatherman tan. However, it did warm up into the 70's with vibrant sunshine before I left so that was a positive.
It was great trip, is it not great to see old friends? While I got to bond with my mom and dad for a while, they are down in the sunshine for over a month (LUCKY), I also was able to catch up with my old friend Jen and her family. Jen and I have been friends since my first job in Parkersburg, West Virginia back in 2000. She is now a news anchor in Fort Meyers, and on Saturday our families went out on the boat and cruised the waters near Cape Coral, Florida. We took a cruise near Sally Field's house which was kinda of cool. (Picture to the right)
What is it about boating?? LOVE IT! The nice thing spending all day in the sunshine you get sleepy early, so I was in bed early most nights and sleeping in past 3am which was a nice treat.

Then I spent Monday afternoon on Sanibel Island, I love that place! My parents and I had a great breakfast on the Island and I worked on the weatherman tan! Have you ever been to Old Naples? It's a great area I spent Monday evening catching up with my buddy Chris who is a TV guy in Cleveland, you see the trend here? Like any profession we all flock together. We chatted about the business like two old retired anchor people having a beverage in Florida, all we needed were blazers, pocket squares, and loafers!

It was great trip especially seeing both of my aunts. My aunt Judy came to town to visit my parents so I got to see her and my uncle Bill. Plus, I spent time with my aunt Marianne who calls Southwest Florida home, she is a riot and always fun!

So all and all a restful yet fun and exciting trip, now it's time to get back to hanging with Mr. Benson and of course forecasting some Spring weather!!

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